Hey there! My name is Ivo Carbajo, Welcome to my website! I'm a 21 year old computer programmer, currently living in Barcelona (Spain), I have a superiors degree in programming, specializing in web development.

I'm really into IoT and I like to mess about with computers in general, I really like JavaScript but I also code in C#, PHP, Java, MySQL, HTML, CSS, and Arduino (C++) which enables me to make a huge variety of things such as firmware for IoT devices, websites, desktop applications and server side apps and even plug-ins and mods.

As a citizen, I care a lot about the way data is treated online, that's why I always try to use the best security standards and offer great reliability and confidentiality. This website DOES NOT use cookies other than my Content Deliver Network's (Cloudflare).

Contact me!

You can totally email me using basic email encryption or none at all, but I highly recommend you contact me using PGP encryption if you need to discuss something confidential.

Examples where this sort of communication might be useful include:

  • I signed a NDA with you and you want to keep your project private
  • You want to discuss the terms for a project that is not yet public
  • Because why not? Using encryption is always a good idea!
Contact information:

Email: [email protected]

PGP Key (for encrypted messaging)

PGP Key: https://ivocarbajo.com/files/pubkey.asc

Space Objects

Space objects is a site with a catalog of objects in earth orbit that has about 300000 objects registered. It is catered to Space enthusiasts and professionals of the space industry.

View on the Web View code on GitHub

Audio To Serial

Audio to serial is a windows tool that converts windows audio into numbers that can be used to control intensity, speed and other parameters in LEDs, motors and other devices.

View code on GitHub